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Lennox Type 3 Forgery


LENNOX ? forgery. C.8/P.81.pm=mascle. Listed by Peck as genuine, but has poor style crowns and harp, plus colon after ET. n.b this is a type 3 copy (5 circlet jewels each side ? compared to the type 4 below ? with 9/9) Continue reading Lennox Type 3 Forgery

Lennox Forgery


LENNOX ? forgery. C.16/P.89. pm=pierced star (spur rowel?) Plain-fronted harp instead of eagle-headed. Listed by Peck as genuine, but believed to have originated in The Low Countries. Note crown circlet jewels! Continue reading Lennox Forgery

Rose Type 4b TH Overstrike

E.207a/P.-. Tokenhouse overstrike – rhomboid (ER)

On these pieces the normal Rose farthing can be seen to have been? struck on a flan which had previously been stamped with a rhomboid design, possibly as a quality control trial. One example is known to exist with an underlying square impression.











Rose Type 1

A rather small coin, at 13-14 mm,(though thicker and heavier) than? the Maltravers (16-17mm) it replaced. The design is rather similar to the Maltravers with a (plain) inner circle. The obverse design features a chunky crown and sceptres, which lie entirely within the linear circle. The reverse depicts a crowned double rose, with the large rose touching the inner circle. Brass wedge at 12.00 o?clock. Two privy marks are known ? lis and martlet, and may be located at 12.00 (obv.) and 10.00 o?clock (rev.)? Privy marks may be on either, or both, sides. Both marks may appear on the same coin. One issue with lis/lis has no obverse linear circle. Die axis on all Roses is unrotated.

Illustrated? E.147/P.298. pm=lis/none. 1636. (VR) gvf