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Rose Type 1

A rather small coin, at 13-14 mm,(though thicker and heavier) than? the Maltravers (16-17mm) it replaced. The design is rather similar to the Maltravers with a (plain) inner circle. The obverse design features a chunky crown and sceptres, which lie entirely within the linear circle. The reverse depicts a crowned double rose, with the large rose touching the inner circle. Brass wedge at 12.00 o?clock. Two privy marks are known ? lis and martlet, and may be located at 12.00 (obv.) and 10.00 o?clock (rev.)? Privy marks may be on either, or both, sides. Both marks may appear on the same coin. One issue with lis/lis has no obverse linear circle. Die axis on all Roses is unrotated.

Illustrated? E.147/P.298. pm=lis/none. 1636. (VR) gvf


Rose Type 2

Much smaller emblems are used, with the sceptre handles through the tiny crown just crossing the linear circle. Lis is the only privy mark used and is found on both sides except for a couple of issues where it is omitted from the reverse, on one of which the legend reads HIBER rather than HIB. Another piece reads IIIB.

Illustrated? E.152/P.302. pm=lis/none. 1636 (VR) avf












Rose Type 1/2 Mules

This is a pairing of obverse type 1 with the reverse of type 2. One issue has pm=lis both sides but reads HIBER. Another? has pm=lis on reverse only ? but reversed? N in FRAN. A third variant has pm=martlet on obverse, with pm=lis on the reverse plus reversed N in FRAN.

Illustrated? E.154b/P.291. pm=lis/lis HIBER. 1636 (VR) off-centre aef (water-washed?)










Rose Type 2 Irregular

On these pieces the obverse legend starts at 10.00 o?clock so that CAR or CARO is between the sceptre heads. Privy mark ? none. There are two versions, the first reading CAR/. The second type (CARO/) reads BR instead of BRIT., and HIBER on the reverse. The obverse crown of this latter coin is of type 2 style, but the sceptre handles extend into the legend like type 3.

Illustrated E.158/P.303. 1636. (VR) gvf (flan chip)












Rose Type 3/2 Mules

These are pairing of the new type 3 obverse with type 2 reverses.? privy mark is lis/lis. There are three versions of this type. The first reads HIBER, the second has a reversed N in FRAN, whilst the last has a normal N. All are excessively rare.

Illustrated? E.160/P.306.HIBER. 1636. (EXR) about vf – brass segment missing.








Rose Type 3

This group is something of a catch-all covering all Roses which cannot be slotted into types 2 or 4. The obverse crowns ? always double arched ? can vary in shape and design , whilst the (double) rose emblem can also differ from one piece to another. BRIT and BRI are both used, and one issue reads HIBE. Privy marks known are ? lis/none, none/lis, lis/lis, lis/cross pat?e, cross pat?e/lis, cross pat?e/none, lis/mullet, mullet/lis, and mullet/mullet. Various legend oddities occur such as inverted A for V, inverted V for A, over-struck letters, mis-spelled legends and misplaced punctuation. Apart from two very common issues ? E.165a/P.305. lis/lis and E.172a/P.314. mullet/mullet,? all coins of this type range from rare to excessively rare.

Illustrated E.170b/P.-. pm=mullet/lis .Inverted V for A in FRAN.1636-7. (EXR) ef/gvf












Rose Type 3/4a Mules

These pairings have the double arched obverse crown of type 3 with the single arched crown and single rose of type 4. Legends read CAROLVS ? FRAN. Privy marks found are lis/mullet, mullet/none, mullet/mullet, mullet/crescent and crescent/crescent. One striking of mullet/crescent is on an inverted flan, with the brass wedge at 6.00 o?clock rather than 12.00. Another has R of FRAN over A.

Illustrated? E.176c/P.-. pm=mullet/crescent. (R of FRAN over A) 1638-9. (EXR) nef