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Richmond Type 2

The most numerous of the RFT types with production spanning 6-7 years. 9/9 jewels,. 5 to 7 strings. Die axis variable ? sometimes for the same privy mark. Eagle headed harp – sometimes hook-fronted. Privy marks :- lombardic A (with & without pellet), annulet with pellet within, bell, castle, cinquefoil, crescent, cross with pellets in angles, cross calvary, cross pat?e, cross pat?e fitch?e, cross patonce, cross patonce in saltire, cross saltire, dagger, ermine, estoile, eye, fish hook, fleece (slot), fusil, halberd, harp, heart, horseshoe, key (vertical), leaf, lion passant, lis, martlet, mascle, nautilus, pike-head, rose, shield, star, stirrup, thistlehead, tower, trefoil, tun and woolpack

Illustrated E.75b/P.156. pm=cross saltire. 1625-c.31. (ER) gvf.