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Rose Type 4b TH Overstrike

E.207a/P.-. Tokenhouse overstrike – rhomboid (ER)

On these pieces the normal Rose farthing can be seen to have been? struck on a flan which had previously been stamped with a rhomboid design, possibly as a quality control trial. One example is known to exist with an underlying square impression.











Richmond Type 1b

CARO over IACO. 9 circlet jewels either side. Eagle-headed harp with 5 or 6 strings. Recorded privy marks ? dagger and mascle. Obverse pm at 12.00 o?clock. Die axis upright.

Illustrated E.57/P.120. pm=dagger. 1625. (VS) ef











Harington Type 2/3 Mule

Pairing of type 2 obverse with type 3 reverse. Privy mark is martlet on reverse. Seven harp strings. Die axis rotated.

Illustrated? (by courtesy of the Colin Cooke collection) E.21b/P.50. c.1616 (R) gvf