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Lennox Type 3

Farthings of this numerous group have the privy mark on the obverse only ? at 12.00 o?clock. 5 circlet jewels either side. Usually 6, occasionally 5,? and extremely rarely,7 harp strings. Pm?s recorded are ? lombardic A, annulet, coronet, cross flory fitch?e, cross pat?e fourch?e, dagger, eagle?s head, fusil, key (horizontal), lion passant, lis, mascle, quatrefoil, rose, roundel, thistlehead, trefoil, triangle,tun, turtle, and woolpack.n.b. From now on many counterfeits occur.

llustrated E.34/P.79. pm=key. c.1616 ? c.1622/23 (C) ef