Rose Type 4b

All now read CAROLV DG MA BRI ? FRA ET HI REX. Privy marks are ? mullet/mullet, crescent/mullet, mullet/crescent, and the EXR crescent/none. The final pairing ? crescent/crescent ? is by far the most numerous, and probably accounts for 80% of all Roses found today. Inevitably with such a long production run several striking errors occur, leading to letters being over-struck etc. One great rarity has an inverted A substituted for V in CAROLV.

Illustrated? E.205b/P.-. pm=crescent/none. 1639-43. (EXR) vf
n.b. This is not E.205a/P.339 but has the obv.of E.200, is on a small, heavy flan and has no punctuation either side.