Richmond Type 1a

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?Obverse has re-cut James dies (CARO over IACO). Obverse crown has 5 circlet jewels, reverse has 9. Eagle-headed harp (sometimes hook-fronted) with 5 or 6 strings. Recorded privy marks are :- coronet and crescent with mullet. Pm at 12.00 o?clock, on obverse only. Die axis may be rotated or upright. Illustrated E.56a/P.118. pm=crescent with mullet. […]

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Richmond Type 1b

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CARO over IACO. 9 circlet jewels either side. Eagle-headed harp with 5 or 6 strings. Recorded privy marks ? dagger and mascle. Obverse pm at 12.00 o?clock. Die axis upright. Illustrated E.57/P.120. pm=dagger. 1625. (VS) ef                    

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Richmond Type 2

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The most numerous of the RFT types with production spanning 6-7 years. 9/9 jewels,. 5 to 7 strings. Die axis variable ? sometimes for the same privy mark. Eagle headed harp – sometimes hook-fronted. Privy marks :- lombardic A (with & without pellet), annulet with pellet within, bell, castle, cinquefoil, crescent, cross with pellets in […]

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Richmond Type 3/2 Mule

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This has the standard type 2 reverse with colon stops, linked to the new type 3 obverse having apostrophe stops. Privy mark is a crescent, but there are 6 and 7 stringed versions. Die axis upright. Illustrated E.105a/P.195. c.1631. (VS) gvf  

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Richmond Type 3

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Similar to type 2, but for apostrophe stop punctuation. Only two privy marks known ? lion rampant and trefoil. The former has 6 harp strings, the latter 5 ? on a hook-fronted harp. Die axis still rotated. The obverse circlet jewels on the trefoil coin are carelessly cut and can appear to number only eight. […]

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Richmond Type 4/3 Mule

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This piece has the reverse of 107b (above) muled with the obverse of a type 4 (5 circlet jewels) E.109c ??BRI?. Die axis unrotated. Illustrated E.108/P.197. pm=double rose. c.1632. (R)? nef

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Richmond Type 4

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New crowns with 5 circlet jewels either side, the central one being a diamond. The eagle headed harp has been discontinued and replaced by one ornamented with 7 beads. Only one privy mark used ? a double rose. Die axis unrotated. One version reads BRIT; the other BRI. All have six strings. Illustrated E.109d/P.200. c.1632-3. […]

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Richmond Type 5

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Another new design, still with 5/5 jewels, but the central one is now usually oblong. The harp has changed to a scroll-front design, again with 6 strings. Double rose remains the only privy mark. Die axis upright. No BRIT option. One rare version reads FR?A. Illustrated E.110c/P.202. (FR?A) c.1632-3. (VR) ef

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Richmond Type 6

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The rose privy mark is retained, as is the scroll-fronted harp. This is found with 5, 6 or 7 strings. Die axis is variable. The distinctive difference to type 5 is that both crowns now have seven round jewels. This type marked the end of the Richmond round issues which were to be superseded by […]

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