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Lennox Type 1

Made with new type dies with IACO starting at 12.00 o?clock instead of being between the sceptre heads. The harp now has an eagles head in its design. Die axis varies between upright and rotated. 6 or 7 harp strings occur. Two privy marks are known ? bell and tower (located at 2.00 o?clock on the reverse). 5 circlet jewels either side.

Illustrated E.23/P.55. pm=bell. c.1616. (VS) gvf/ef











Lennox Type 2

Another new design with the privy marks appearing on both sides of the coin. At the beginning of the legend on the obverse, and at the end on the reverse. Again 5 circlet jewels, and 6 or 7 harp strings are found. Die axis variable. Two privy marks are known ? flower and fusil.

Illustrated E.25/P.56 & 57. pm=flower/flower. c.1616. (C) ef











Lennox Type 3

Farthings of this numerous group have the privy mark on the obverse only ? at 12.00 o?clock. 5 circlet jewels either side. Usually 6, occasionally 5,? and extremely rarely,7 harp strings. Pm?s recorded are ? lombardic A, annulet, coronet, cross flory fitch?e, cross pat?e fourch?e, dagger, eagle?s head, fusil, key (horizontal), lion passant, lis, mascle, quatrefoil, rose, roundel, thistlehead, trefoil, triangle,tun, turtle, and woolpack.n.b. From now on many counterfeits occur.

llustrated E.34/P.79. pm=key. c.1616 ? c.1622/23 (C) ef









Lennox Type 4/3 Mule

In about 1622-23 a new design was introduced featuring larger crowns having 9 circlet jewels either side. This small group is a pairing of the new type 4 obverse with the old (5-jewelled) type 3 reverse. Only one pm (annulet) is known, but there are 6 and 7 stringed versions. Unlike type 3 coins which have variable die axis; these are unrotated.

Illustrated E.44a/P.62. pm=annulet. 1622-23 (C) vf









Lennox Type 4

Nine circlet jewels either side. Eagle-headed harp with 5, 6 or 7 strings. Die axis varies. Pm at 12.00 o?clock on obverse. Known privy marks are ? lombardic A, dagger, fusil, lion rampant, lis (3), mascle, stirrup, trefoil and triangle. Numerous contemporary counterfeits occur.

Illustrated E.51d/P.- pm=stirrup (5 strings). C1622/3 ? 1625. (EXR). ef









Lennox Type 5 (Oval)

?Five circlet jewels either side. Legends either side now start at 7.00 o?clock. Privy mark (cross pat?e) at start of legend on obverse, and at end of legend on reverse. 6 or 7 harp strings. Obverse legend reads IACO;D;G;MAG (or MA:) BRI (or BR). Die axis rotated.

Illustrated E.54b/P.-. six strings. Cross pat?e. (MA). 1622-25 . (EXR) nef