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Rose Type 4a

This is the simpler design with single arched crowns both sides, a single rose, but still retaining the longer legends. Privy marks can be ? lis/lis, mullet/mullet, mullet/crescent, crescent/mullet, and crescent/crescent. This last having a variety with the N of FRAN reversed., and others with distinctly rounded obverse crowns.

Illustrated? E.186d/p.328. pm=crescent/crescent. (rounded obverse crown).? 1639-45 (EXR) aef











Rose Type 4b/4a Mules

This pairing reverts back to a 4a reverse (FRAN-HIB) linked to a 4b obverse (CAROLV ? MA) Privy marks found are crescent/lis, crescent/none and crescent/crescent. Only the latter is common, the others being excessively rare.

Illustrated E.193/P.330. crescent/crescent. (C) choice gvf










Rose Type 4 Irregular

Some type 4 pieces occur with irregular legends. These can be ? CAROLV MAG, MA OR M on the obverse. Also known are FRA HIB and FR HI on the reverse. All bear the crescent/crescent privy mark, except for one with mullet/mullet. All are very rare to exceptionally rare pieces.

Illustrated? E.199/ Reads DG M BRI. 1639-43 (EXR) vf











Rose Type 4b

All now read CAROLV DG MA BRI ? FRA ET HI REX. Privy marks are ? mullet/mullet, crescent/mullet, mullet/crescent, and the EXR crescent/none. The final pairing ? crescent/crescent ? is by far the most numerous, and probably accounts for 80% of all Roses found today. Inevitably with such a long production run several striking errors occur, leading to letters being over-struck etc. One great rarity has an inverted A substituted for V in CAROLV.

Illustrated? E.205b/P.-. pm=crescent/none. 1639-43. (EXR) vf
n.b. This is not E.205a/P.339 but has the obv.of E.200, is on a small, heavy flan and has no punctuation either side.

Rose Type 5a

This final series differs from all others in that the sceptres are crossed beneath the Type 5a having bosses on the sceptre handles. Privy mark is? mullet/mullet. The legend reads ? CAROLV D:G MAG BR and FRA ET HIB REX.

Illustrated E.208a/P.348. 1643-44. (S) gvf/vf










Rose Type 5b

Very similar to 5a with crossed sceptres below the crown ? but now the handles are plain. Several combinations of legend occur, using ? MAG? BR, MA BRI or MA BR. on the obverse ? twinned with FRA HIB, FRA HI or FR HIB on the reverse. Pm=mullet/mullet. One issue has an inverted A for V in CAROLV, whilst another has the cross missing from the central orb of the obverse crown. ?

Illustrated? E.209h/P.-. MA BR ? FRA HI -1643-44 (EXR) aef