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Richmond Type 7a Oval

Although sometimes on round flans these ovals can readily be identified by the fact that the legends start at 7.00 o?clock. The sceptre handles are longer and closer together. This type uses re-cut James dies ? CARO over IACO. Privy mark cross pat?e both sides. Before legend on the obverse (sometimes almost covered up by the re-punched letters), at the legend end on the reverse. 6 and 7 stringed versions.
5 circlet jewels on both crowns. Rotated die axis. Pellet between sceptres.

Illustrated? E.112a/P.268. 1625. (EXR) nvf


Richmond Type 7b Oval

Legends begin at 7.00 o?clock. A complicated group?.. CARO over IACO. Five? jewels on obverse crown as before, but reverse has nine (except for one with 7)? Die axis now unrotated.? BRIT, BRI and BR occur. One version has 7 strings ? others having 6. Some harps are hook-fronted. Privy mark is always cross pat?e but some issues have none on the reverse. Pellet between sceptres.

Illustrated??E113d*/P- (pm on both sides) 5/7 jewels. 1625. (EXR) bold vf. – off-centre


Richmond Type 9 Oval

Legends start at 7.00 o?clock. Similar to type 8 except that the privy mark on the reverse is now at the end of the legend. Two recorded pm?s ? martlet and millrind. All have six harp strings. Die axis unrotated. Nothing between sceptre handles.

Illustrated E.115b/P.276. pm=martlet. ?c.1625-c.31. (R) vf/nef


Richmond Type 10a Oval

Legends start at 7.00 o?clock. Another similar type to 8, (however some pieces have only 8 jewels) but now the privy mark is on both sides ? at the end of the legends. The only privy mark used is a crescent. Normally 6 harp strings, though one exceptionally rare issue has 7. Die axis rotated. Pellet between sceptre handles.

Illustrated? E.117d/P.- 7 strings. 8 obv.jewels. c.1625-c.31. (EXR) ragged aef (w/w)

N.B. This piece from a hoard found on a tidal fore-shore. Hence the appellation ?water-washed?.


Richmond Type 11/10b Oval Mule

Legends start at 7.00 o?clock. This coin has the reverse of E.118 ? pm goutte, paired with the obverse of a new type 11 farthing (apostrophe stops) pm double rose. Six strings. Die axis unrotated. No pellet between handles.

Illustrated E.120/P.285. c.1631-32. (VR) vf


Richmond Type 11 Oval

Legends start at 7.00 o?clock. The 6-stringed scroll fronted harp now replaces the eagles head type. Apostrophe stop punctuation now used. New crowns with 6 jewels introduced. Privy mark double rose at the beginning of the obv, legend, and at the end of the reverse. Die axis unrotated. Two versions known ? one with a pellet between the sceptres, one without.

Illustrated? E.121b/P.283 (no pellet) c.1632-33. (VR) nvf

Richmond Type 12 Oval

Legends start at 7.00 o?clock. New crowns introduced with five circlet jewels. Double rose privy mark found only on the obverse. Die axis unrotated 6 harp strings. 2 versions noted ? one with E of REX over R. No pellet between sceptres.

Illustrated E.122b/P.282. (E over R)? c.1632-3. (ER) gef